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wish ziplog to grow more

Let it grow

Finally It is coming out to light  , A long-delayed application after a lot effort has been released today (29-OCT-2011) and it will be an open source product where you have no restriction to modify or distribute the code to your fellow associates. I have also set upped the official website to promote the product and coherent voluntaries for the enhancement of development.

So please join your hands with me at


Thank you.





  1. Dinesh Shan wrote
    at 3:34 PM - 22nd November 2011 Permalink

    Great First Move .. i would like to contribute .Let me know how i can . Let me have a part in the growth process .

  2. shakthydoss wrote
    at 3:45 PM - 23rd November 2011 Permalink

    Thank you for Interest.

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