Switching from Gnome to KDE

Things goes hectic when you adopt new updates and upgrades in your Linux machine. Recently I had to change my Linux distribution from gnome 2 ubuntu to gnome 3 with fedora. On complete successful installation I felt gnome 3 with fedora was so hard for me to get the Wappo that i had with gnome 2 on ubuntu. But this has got nothing to do with red hat guys, point is the desktop environment was quite new and hard for me to get familiarized.



Instead of installing the gnome 2 in fedora I went for KDE 4.7 to get the same feel that I had with gnome 2 on ubuntu. KDE is another desktop environment which I belive it will give the feel and look that I am looking for.

If you are running Fedora 15, installing KDE 4.7 is quite easy. These are the steps required to install KDE 4.7 in Fedora 15.

This article assumes you are running GNOME version of Fedora 15.
Start your terminal and enter the following commands in the given order.

First become root:

Update your system by the command yum update

Once updated  navigate to your repo directory using the command
cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

Next step is to download the new repository file with the following command.

wget http://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/rdieter/kde47/fedora-kde47.repo

This command downloads the unofficial KDE 4.7 repository in the Fedora community

Finally, the most important command to install KDE 4.7 in your system.

yum install @kde-desktop

If you followed these steps correctly you should now be able to Log out of your system and select KDE from the log in welcome screen.

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