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Some thing interesting to share : Recently on a social networking site, I received a shared message about Wikipedia.

Message says ,

Go to any random wikipedia article , keep clicking the first links of all wiki page (if first link is within  parentheses skip it and go for next link that doest have parentheses) .Finally you always end up with an article philosophy .


wikipedia , the free encyclopedia

I tried this for 3 time , from various random pages and I always ended up with philosophy. It really made  me  curious that how this is happening all time , I also did further investigations on how Interwiki Wikipedia linking works but not got satisfied answers. And I hope people who read this may know and give the actual reasoning that is happening behind the Interwiki Wikipedia linkings .

This is how you need to Click

This is how you need to Click



  1. Shashank wrote
    at 7:46 AM - 30th May 2011 Permalink

    blaaaahh…. doesn’t work.

  2. shakthydoss wrote
    at 10:52 AM - 30th May 2011 Permalink

    Hmm , I think you might not have clicked the exact first links. or stopped clicked at some point of time that is before reaching the article philosophy.

    And I tried for three times as it was working for me then only posted this 🙂

    for trial , try this : (this is random page in wikipedia) if you click properly at the 10th or 11th clicking you will reach philosophy

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