Commence of Smart card Projects

In this blog I would like to share my experience with other developers to show the procedural systematic steps to begin and complete any Smart card projects.To avoid hindrance of too long technical documents I brought the concepts in short & Precise and I assume developers adopt java technology for their smart card projects.

Any smart card project generally divided into two parts of development. One is on card application and other one is off card application. Off card application is nothing but your ordinary host application (application reside in computers) which is written on java standard edition platform or java Enterprise Edition or java Micro Edition.

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Functional role of smart card in the form of program is your On card application and this on card application program is going to reside inside smart card manually over the smart card os.It is mandatory to follow the ISO 7816 compliant while developing those two application.

Java Cardâ„¢ Platform Version 2.2.2 or Java Classic Edition Platform or Java Connected Edition Platform est. are the base platform to be used when developing java card programs (i.e. on card application). Development Kit for any of these Platforms will provide environment to run, compile, debug, and burst your java card programs.

One should not confuse between java card operating system and java card platforms. Few documents on internet occasionally interchange these terms, as a point of reference it could be easily interpretable by master minds but for beginners it would tough. Never mind you are in right track to find the different. One should choose the suitable platform for their project (as each has gone with own plus and minus).

Java card operating system: are the sequences of instructions that are embedded permanently on ROM of smart card. Management of the files and data held in memory, Access control to information and functions (e.g. select file, read, write, and update data), est. are the basic functionality of java card operating system. MULTOS is one of The High Security Smart Card OS.

Java card platforms: are the set of API, libraries, basic java card applets programs, firewall, sharing mechanism, and other security feature helps to write java card programs. It should be mention that java card programs are otherwise called as java card applet ( java card applet is the right term to be used for better understandment I begin with the term java card program however later off this blog will be continued with term java card applet only).

Java card applet is the only class (applet class) you are going write for your smart card project as an On card application. Once you developed your java card applet (note I have not discussed how to write java card applet here) get ready for applet deployment i.e. loading your applet into smart card. INSTALL (load), LOAD, INSTALL (install+make_selectable) are some sequences of command used to load CAP file into smart card.


Java Card Applet development deployment

It is advisable to use simulator tools to check the correctness of applet functionality before you load in smart card so that any error at run time could be predict and corrected. This simulator optically comes with development kit of any java card platform.

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