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This blog is dedicated to all beginners who want to know what exactly a smart card means. It attempts to cover a broad topic in nut shell in order to demonstrate technology behind the panorama.   

contact Smart Card

All plastic cards (which adopt some computer technology) are not smart cards .Smart card is one which has microprocessor chip (optionally accompanied with memory chip). Due to advancement of technology these smart card available in two varieties one is contact Smartcard and other one is contact less Smart cards 


Smart card operating system is just like ordinary computer operating system with least functionality and it is resided inside the smart card. Smart card researcher already developed this operating system and kept available for Smart card application developer. Smart card application programs will be resided over the smart card operating system.

Smart card reader or Card Acceptance Device (CAD) helps in physical connection between the smart card and the host application on the computer. (Note: – Here I am talking about PC associated Card Reader .There are many types of card readers associating different appliance for e.g. Card reader in mobile phones). CAD receives the command from host application to get the response from the Smart card 

Smart card reader or Card Acceptance Device (CAD)

Smart card reader or Card Acceptance Device (CAD)

ISO 7816 compliant provide the standards for communication protocols of smart card application .Smart card application generally divided into two parts of development. One is on card application and other one is off card application. Off card application is nothing but your ordinary host application. Functional role of smart card in the form of program is your on card application and this on card application program is going to reside inside smart card manually over the smart card os.It is mandatory to follow the ISO 7816 compliant while developing those two application. 


Communication Mechanisms

Communication between smart card and reader is standardized (ISO 7816 standard).Instructions are initiated from terminal to reader. Reader sends the command to card. Card OS interpret those commands, status of card is modified and response is thrown to terminal via reader.

About diagrams pictures the general scenario behind the communion it doesn’t include the technical terms



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