Changing time zone using ncurses interface

You’re in different counties or different continent or just want to change the time zone (time setting) of your Linux machine. This post on Linux tip will shows the easiest way among the several other ways of configuring time zone.

Time zone setting for Linux is determined by one file which can be found at  etclocaltime
This file tells Linux machine about your location and other time related settings that need to be set when you switch on the machine.

Even though your machine uses one time-zone file for an instance, there are plenty of time-zone files pre-configured to different locations and stored in different directories (usrsharezoninfo) on the machine. Whenever you want to change localtime zone, you will have to copy a file fromusrsharezoninfo//paste it underetclocaltime.


But this could be done even in an easier way. In your command prompt type

$> dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

The above command brings up an ncurses based interface on the command prompt itself where you will find the easiest way of selecting your preferred timezone and applying your change to get reflected to your machine. (Use tab or arrow to move change the focus selection and press enter to submit the selection).


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