Automate your Torrent with Dropbox

Today I write this post to share my torrenting experience about how I made my torrent-downloads automated with dropbox.


To do this hack you will require.

  • Transmission client.
  • Dropbox account.
  • Linux / Mac machine.

Transmission is an open source bit-torrent tool. Good part of Transmission is it has
Graphical Interface (GUI), Web Interface, Command line Interface and Transmission-daemon which we required for this excise.

Transmission-daemon is a program that runs in the background which it is designed to have no visual forms. Its job is to look for request and invoke the Transmission client to download the files. In addition Transmission-daemon has ability to watch a folder for .torrent files. Whenever a new .torrent file is added on to the folder, Transmission-daemon will invoke the Transmission client to download the file autonomously.

So keeping Transmission-daemon behaviour in mind, the idea is to configure the Transmission setup to make the Transmission-daemon to watch My DropBox Account folder. Hence whenever I add a .torrent file to My DropBox Account either from my mobile or from my office computer, file gets synchronized with My DropBox Account folder on my home computer. As a result the Transmission-daemon that watches My DropBox Account on my home computer tells the Transmission client to start downloading the new .torrent.

Now in action, Configuring transmission.
It’s not always possible to set all configurations from the GUI, especially on the Daemon. settings.json  is a json-encoded file that holds all the client’s settings and preferences. settings.json  used by the daemon, GTK+ and CLI clients. json was chosen because of its human readability.
settings.json can be locate on the following directory.


In my case it is located in


If it not found then locate settings.json will help to find the path

$> locate settings.json

Here is a sample of the basic types to make the torrenting autonomous.

“rpc-enabled”: true,
“peer-port” : 51413,
“rpc-whitelist”: “,192.168.*.*”,

watch-dir: Enter the Directory to watch
watch-dir-enabled: Takes boolean value (default = false). When enabled, Watch a directory for torrent files and add them to transmission.
Note: When watch-dir-enabled is true, only the transmission-daemon, transmission-gtk, and transmission-qt applications will monitor watch-dir for new .torrent files and automatically load them.

Next step starting Transmission-daemon


command should return to prompt.

Troubleshooting commands in case if you trouble in proceeding.

$>sudo killall transmission-daemon
$>transmission-remote -l

That’s it. Now Transmission-daemon is watching and listening.

Now anywhere in world I can add a .torrent file to My DropBox Account on mobile, Once Dropbox account get synchronized file starts downloading in home computer.

You can check whether is actually transmission is downloading or not by following command.

$> transmission-remote -l


Note :
You can also buy raspberry pi and configure Transmission-daemon on it if in case you don’t want to run your personal computer for all 24 hour, and then raspberry pi will become your own torrentbox.

Happy torrenting.

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