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Speech Recognizer Execution

Hmm …. There was lot of request to correct errors and exceptions from people who have tried Speech Recogniser that I have discussed early in one of my post.  Many have tried and frustrated by the exceptions and errors that is coming from the speech engine. Few have got trouble in executing & configuring and […]

Java speech recognizer

I assume that readers are familiar with speech technology and its terms (if not take a look: Java speech synthesis). A speech recognizer is a speech engine that converts speech to text. The major step involved speech recognizer is defining its grammar. Grammar: grammars are nothing but a file which defines the words that may […]

Java speech synthesis

Are you ready to hear your computer voice ,yeah today I am goanna to discuss about Speech technology, Speech technology is becoming increasingly important in both personal and enterprise computing as it is used to improve existing user interfaces and to support new means of human interaction with computers. In brief let me address what […]