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Low-rank matrix approximation with SVD – Part 2

In part-1 we have revising the internal workings of singular value decomposition.  Here in part 2 lets see the practical usage of SVD. All source code and corpus used in this excise can be found on my github-Account. Singular value decomposition (SVD) has a wide range of usage in the statistical study however it is more […]

Revising singular value decomposition – Part 1

Few days before I had small issues in understanding the internal workings of SVD. The Worst part is I have already done few projects which has SVD as a major module. This is the time I decided to revisit and recall every thing I need to know about decomposition techniques (Well, this is also he […]

JAMA Shortcoming

Recently I was involved in a task of building some real dense matrix (basically Term-document-Matrix )  based on the  requirement my matrix size will vary accordingly. initially my matrix row size was 2514 and  column was 1000 , so direct manipulation on this matrix is not  a good idea to practise. I used Single value […]