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Automate your Torrent with Dropbox

Today I write this post to share my torrenting experience about how I made my torrent-downloads automated with dropbox. To do this hack you will require. Transmission client. Dropbox account. Linux / Mac machine. Transmission is an open source bit-torrent tool. Good part of Transmission is it has Graphical Interface (GUI), Web Interface, Command line […]

Rails Bundle execution problem resolved

In this post I am sharing my simple trick that is used to encounter the bundle execution problem when creating an application with rails with ruby. When creating new application with rails I ended with successful creation of files using the rails generator but during the execution of bundle process, a rail prompt made me […]

Fixing wubi ubuntu Grub problem.

Wubi (Windows-based Ubuntu Installer), without any Biso or CMOS settings Wubi helps to install ubuntu on a windows machine (c:ubuntudisksroot.disk) just like an ordinary software. Once installed on a machine, it helps win boot loader to identify the Linux; there by you get an option to enter into window or Linux on the start-off screen […]

Installing PHP driver for mongoDB

Hmm .. I am not here to give must lecture about mongoDB as I am also a beginner for mongo. Still all I am here to say the interest part of my mogoDB Driver(for PHP) installation on my Linux machine. Don’t worry I am not going to give the installation procedures but going to discuss […]