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A Walking stick

Walking stick, a great supporter and everlasting accompanier for all 80s and 90s. It is generally believed that a walking stick is just a wooden or metallic piece that helps to balance while walking. But the conceptual fact is that in each span of life , human need different kinds of walking stick to balance […]

How to make love

Kids generally hold their hands with their parent, as a way to feel safe. It’s something elderly couples in their 90s do, to show that they still love each other. It is a universal symbol of caring, tenderness and security. And all I am here to say much more romantic things in love, the FIRST […]

How to strengthen your love relation

If you don’t see, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist: love -shakthydoss   In this fantasy world it’s very common to fall in love and it’s very common to get misunderstanding with your loved one too. Over expectation is one of the major cause that lead to breakups in relations but the conflict is […]