She is in love.

Her eyes expose the touch of unexpressed love with the question how long I will make her to wait?



Certain things make our life interesting and one such thing is love. In this blog first I tried to bring out the deeds of girl who fallen love with a guy. Then I tried to figure out her feeling and suffering as she never got an opportunity to express her love.

It’s quite easy to find a girl when she fall in love with a guy. She will act differently around him depending on how confident she is. If she is homely and shy type then she will become more quiet when he is around her,she will start laughing at his jokes more often, stare at him when he is not looking, and overall just try to very cool before him while subtly flirting. She would enjoy the feel of being in love with him. But at some point her unexpressed love will create worries and stress as she could not  approach the guy in real. She will stop functioning normally, she will fall sick, she will be restless, she will try to act as if she is happy, sometime she will try to avoid him  so that she could be better, she will be very careful that she should not follow any action that whatever he does but it is very sad, she can’t follow anything. She will feel she has gone down in studies .she will feel like betrayed and no one is true for her.


Her eyes will expose the touch of unexpressed love with the question how long he will make her wait and how long she has to suffer with these feelings. She would have distracted from her goals and trapped in her life. And this is the time concern Guy has to give respect for her feelings. He has to make her feel comfortable with natural smile. He must give her confidence that she won’t be insulted if she reveals her feelings .He need to be very generous with his words and make her to believe she is important for him.This is a true sign of real love.

Still if you are not able to decide then consult a counselor, love experts for your problem. Showing our love towards those who deserve it is an art. When you know it’s real, or maybe pure enough to be shown, you have to know how to show it. Being idle in love is waste and useless.


  1. Lakshmi wrote
    at 9:54 AM - 21st March 2010 Permalink

    Wow sakthi I never expect you know the sign of girl who is in love. I think you stared to watch girl(s) Lol.Tell me da to which girl this particular blog is dedicated.

    lol keep blogging …..

  2. Saravanan Ilangovan wrote
    at 2:06 PM - 21st March 2010 Permalink

    hey this is little bit interesting..but some points are missing…so research it and do it!..u could be so lucky guy for the girl u fallen with love machi!!! lol !!!

  3. shakthydoss wrote
    at 8:15 PM - 21st March 2010 Permalink

    Hey..content is not dedicated to any specific one it is open to all.

    i haven't got any lover to be lucky or to dedicate any post 🙂

  4. shahi wrote
    at 10:41 PM - 26th March 2010 Permalink

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  5. Umang Singh wrote
    at 8:54 PM - 27th March 2010 Permalink

    daiiii….even u watch girls . HaHa. . that too sooo minutely abt her behaviours…
    Great obsrvation da. u undrstand the feelings of girls in love soo well. ur wife will be very lucky to have u.

  6. Umang Singh wrote
    at 8:55 PM - 27th March 2010 Permalink

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