Sense of love

Prologue :-

Having studied so many persuasive studies about love, having written too many quote and blogs about love, my thrust of knowledge about love has never broken down. So I am once again taking you closely to love through this blog.

Whenever I think about love I generally get one question often in my mind that “Why do we love ?” ,a Straight forward question and got thousand of answers but still I was not convinced with those answers as it only compromise me. Yet I never stop exploring about love, it taught me the difference between the admiration and crush.
Some people say love is emotional feel, then I would like to ask them what is then admiration, crush, friendship, anger, est., all these are again emotional feel. As I said it’s only compromising answer they put all feel together and say generically it’s an emotional feel ant not in specific. Some people say it’s a chemical reaction due to certain hormones, I do really agree but we will see this in some other different aspect. The moment we say the word LOVE we only think about a bound between male and female. So first preference goes to male female love but there are many kind of love such as child and mother love , child and pet love ,grandparent and grandchildren love est., all these love also arise due to the same hormone ,same chemical reaction then why the male female love is only in chitchat.

While I am search the answer for love my mind started to ask one more question that whose love is greater, male or female? It was not a stumping block for me but it was stepping stone to find the answers for my question .I stopped exploring about love and start searching to find whose love is greater, male or female?. I was closely having a bird view on many girls and boys to know whose love is greater. Especially I was closely interacting with girls rather than boys (this is because psychologically girls speak thought heart and boys speak thought mind). It was hilarious experience for me when I move with them. I came across so many types of girls (even my class friends to added in this list) some expect always to noodle our head and say yes to whatever they say. I did ever thing to know what is in their mind and heart. Exceptionally I was absorbing a particular girl as I was not able to closely interact with her all gave me kind knowledge about girls and what they think about love.

With this peer view I came to a point of solution to judge whose love is greater? Unfortunately this point of solution gave me answer for my first question “Why do we love?” It was amazing for me and you may think how it is possible .It’s because the question “whose love is greater, male or female?” is a mere subset of the question “why do we love?” One needs to understand this by analyzable knowledge.

It is only possessive expectantly feel on an opposite sex make us to love and to be loved. This is only reason that why do we love. So answer what I got for “why do we love?” is really straight forward and it was a convincing answer for me. I feel comfortable, she is my world and he is my life all these are only just romantic dialogue and not answer for “Why do you love?”be practical be true to know “why do you love?”

I got answer for one question but still I have crossed many hurdles for my other question and hopefully I am waiting for that. However I believe, waiting is best past in love anyhow.

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