Mr & Mrs Love

Preface: Recently I had small desire to write a short love story. I made some preparations and written a story with good moral. And I Hope you will enjoy it.

Mr & Mrs Love

It was nice breeze outside; around 7 pm Mr Anbazhagan reached home. His lovely wife Mrs Sujatha Anbazhagan welcomed him by giving a warm hug. They were cute couples who got married recently. Like his name, Anbazhagan was soft and loving person and Sujatha was extremely beautiful and playful in nature. On that night she asked her husband for dinner at nearby hotel. When they were about leave, her father-in-law asked about their outing. On hearing dinner at nearby hotel he too expressed his wish to accompany with them along with his wife.  Even though this  made Sujatha a bit sad, she managed herself by not expressing it out. Poor Sujatha was worried about her privacy issues with her husband that she wouldn’t get if his parents are going to accompany with them.

Anbazhagan set out for hotel along with wife and parent. Both couples where seated opposite to each other. Parents ordered their traditional food.  When waiter approached near Sujatha, she asked Anbazhagan to order something for her. He ordered 2 plates of Bisibela bath which was her favourite food. Anbazhagan’s father talked for hours. He spoke about his childhood days and his involvement in military service. He was very happy and said he is expecting his grant child as soon as possible.

Anbazhagan notice that Sujatha’s food on plate remained the same as how it was delivered. He quickly understood that she had smile only on her face. When his father was busy conversing with his mother he grasp Sujatha’s hand under the table and raised his eye brow, meaning what’s wrong in mind voice. She began to hold his hand so tightly and nodded her head symbolizing nothing.

When Anbazhagan’s parent stood out for hand wash he quickly enquired about her dullness. She said “Your parents are always with you, I rarely get time to spend personally with you. I truly love your parent but I love you more than I love them”. She also added that she can’t talk everything before his parents. Then within next few mints they all left the hotel and reached home.

Two days later Anbazhagan surprisingly took Sujatha alone outside. He made some plans for candle little dinner he also brought a beautiful handmade gift for her. It was very touching moment for Sujatha who was freezed in surprises. She played with him like a child and talked all thing that she wished to do.

Valentine-s Day-Candle-Light-Dinner-Wallpapers

After an hour, with very soft tone Anbazhagan stared to say that his parents love their daughter-in-law more than their son. He said that his  parents feel their Sujatha is angel from paradise. He made her to understand that his parents always want to see the beauty of togetherness  of their son and daughter-in-law as couple that results not giving chance for privacy issues. On hearing that there was glimpse of tears around Sujatha’s eyes, she realized her mistake and understood the love toward Anbazhagan and herself from his parent side. She ensured Anbazhagan that she won’t repeat the mistake again. They both left the hotel happily.

Moral: The way the expectations fulfilled is way to get more love.

In the story I have taken privacy issues as an expectation but in real life there could be much variety expectation between the beloved ones. Identifying those expectations and fulfilling them without comprising anyone’s feeling are significant duties.


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    Fantastic! are you really blogging since 2008? great!

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    Nice story …

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    its awesome story!! fantastic sakti..i really can't believe that its u who write this wonderful story about love..!!

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