“..Tears which come from her are not just drops…
Its a tsunami whick takes my heart…“

To my knowledge love is intense emotional state which comes to you due to over secretion of certain hormone. Many people have wrong opinion that love is some thing bad and it should not come in life. But actually speaking if you don’t come across love only you have some problem in your life .At the same time love should come with right person and at right time .We must learn to love other people because love is just a lovable thing to do. According to the triangular theory of love, love can be classified into three types.

1. Intimacy…Intimacy is a form in which two people share confidences and various details of their personal lives.
2. Passion….. The most common form of love is sexual attraction and passion. Passionate love is shown in infatuation as well as in romantic love.
3. Commitment…Commitment, on the other hand, is the expectation that the relationship is permanent.

Pure love is something concern with attachment between two people. If love between two people is fully composed of attachment then this type love live for ever. On deeper view of love we can say that it’s just fulfilling the expectation .And this expectation can be in any form either Intimacy or Passion or Commitment .It is up to you to that what kind of expectation you are going to fulfill and you are deserved for its causes. One beautiful heart is better than a 100 beautiful face .love should come after seeing the heart and not seeing by the beauty.
Before you start to love you are thinking a lot about that weather he or she will suite for you but you forget to think about that whether are you suitable for your concern sweet heart . If people understand this then their wont be any failure in love .As optimist I can say if failed in L.K.G love you can be more successes in PhD love as experience makes you more strong and perfect.
You may know about life long learning I will give a new theory life long love even this make you and your career bright. You may be nothing but for your lover you should be everything . A good lovable partner should not only care for your lover but also for their career .I like to make you understand that love is bridge made glass ,it will be very smooth surface to travel. But if we lose the hope , no one can reach their destiny as it becomes friction less. Don’t even try to change your hair style so that she will love you but you should ready enough to change your life style if she falls in love with you.
Finally I would like to make you think that you are leading lovable life or life full of love……feel the difference and enjoy with love and life
* Love u all *


  1. Arun wrote
    at 4:48 PM - 22nd July 2008 Permalink

    Welcome to the vetti world of Blogging….

    Great new theories and all…and why not expect all the three values to be expected.. a true love should satisfy all the three in my opinion.. passion will be there only till certain age..then the other two form should continue till the end of their lives. The song, “Ennuyire” in Uyire film says ..the seventh stage in love is death..what it means is that love should be there till one dies and not that the one who loves dies..anyways..Kudos to you..Keep Blogging

  2. Umang Singh wrote
    at 9:53 PM - 7th October 2008 Permalink

    wow shakti…i nvr knw dat u think abt love so deeply…..if u ask d meanin of love to any person, he wud jus point out to havin boyfrnd and galfrnd…….bt thy shud read ur research wrk to undrstand d real meanin of love……

    it is reallyyy amazing to see dat u can b so much into love….nvr thaught dat u can b so romantic…..dont knw hw many more qualities r hidden within u da……gr88 wrk da….

  3. MY WORLD wrote
    at 1:48 PM - 13th June 2009 Permalink

    shakthy………..nice experience shows its feeling abt love very srongly.

    keep it up……

  4. Prince TJ wrote
    at 4:45 PM - 28th June 2009 Permalink

    Hey the info here is put up in a very refined way and in the correct order with the necessary illustration…..i njoid reading it a lot. I'd suggest that you publish it across all possible platforms not for the recognition involved in it but as a source to help others who have the same question, doubt or are a bit anxious……..Wishing you all the luck in the world
    Krishna Teja

    PS:keep me informed of all your future works too
    Ciao 🙂

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