” Insanity program’s talk 2b genius “

In this blog a program is talking about its flow of execution and changes it makes for the good outcome. Here I compare each and every action of program with human encounter for his own good outcome.

I was walking through my Ram (my Mind) and I found there are many garbage errors (worries) and graceful errors (mental agitation) which make my comeuppance (out come) are not reliable. When I start debugging my Instruction Registers (the way I live the life).I found the inputs (working without confidence) which I have given is not deserved for the console which I required. I felt I should need a change so I changed my Platform (my Attitude). This time my option was open source (To be free with every one). I let my things to open source to enrich my products, ultimately comeuppance of my product was sophisticated (a change in my life style) I felt the change. I went to an interpreter (self analysis) to find where I am going wrong, it gives a statement that object (values) was not defined. I began to invoke my objects and import essential packages (soft skills) from library to robust myself .Now I would perform Multi-thread operation yet my speed dose not decrease this because I planed my distribution of memories (time management). Execution started in an open source Platform my outputs (I became genius) were dynamic without any error.

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  1. Umang Singh wrote
    at 10:29 PM - 7th October 2008 Permalink

    its a nice illustration of hw to bcum a genius….in a progrmin language…..i knw y u chose to reveal d secret of bcumin a genius in a coded laguage…….so tat dis worlld does nt gets flooded wid d genises……rite……bt i m sure one who undrstnds tis wud surely turn up to b a genius……!!!!

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