How to make love

Kids generally hold their hands with their parent, as a way to feel safe. It’s something elderly couples in their 90s do, to show that they still love each other. It is a universal symbol of caring, tenderness and security. And all I am here to say much more romantic things in love, the FIRST KISS.

First (pleasant) kiss is the best way to increase your commitment in love, unfortunately guys tend to kiss without knowing are they ready for it. Here I have covered the best tips that one could follow for an unforgettable moments 🙂


Be sure you’re bold and be sure you’re doing everything slowly and gently. Make eye contact with her and don’t close your eyes until the last moment. Girls like this.

You can put your hand around their neck or around their waist but not on their back. You can hold hands or even cup their face in your hands like kids . Scientifically this body language or position expresses the caring ness of each other.

At by this time she would definitely understood that you’re approaching her to be kissed, if you are still getting positive signals move to the next step.

Gently move close to the target, don’t stick out your lips and gently make the love as you would like to do 🙂 . Don’t be too wild, be soft and be matured. If she doesn’t kiss you back, she may just be surprised (and enjoying your kiss).

Make her to feel your kiss and be pleasant for them. And this is the best time moment to say “I love you”  perfect ……

Once the kiss is finished, few girls (not all) generally tend to be confused about her next action. Hence it is  appreciated to give her a soft gentle hug to increase confidence in the commitment life. This would make her more comfortable and bring down her restlessness. Scientifically this body language or position expresses the security.

Funny things that generally happens after the first kiss 😛

  • Both might feel that they are idiot as they pulled away too quickly ….
  • When will I get to do this again?
  • Next time I should do better than this time …

Many might wonder why it is kiss, as it forms to express intimacy and not the commitments. But studies have shown that affectionate kiss actually boosts the body’s levels of oxytocin, a hormone that influences bonding and attachment. In a committed relationship physical intercourse should not be the only method to express love intimacy (after all intimacy also important in love).

Caution: Be sure of your age and the place before you attempt this, because it is love matters and than your first kiss.

Kissing may sometimes leads to more than just kissing.



  1. saravanan wrote
    at 7:34 PM - 3rd August 2010 Permalink

    sakthi romba kettu poyitta…..:)

  2. Arun K J wrote
    at 7:41 PM - 3rd August 2010 Permalink

    @ Sakthydoss Ph.D. ,

    Nice post.. 🙂 .. thanks for the tips 😉 😀

    – put hand around their back ? 😮
    – LOL @ move close to the target .. 😀

  3. shakthydoss wrote
    at 7:55 PM - 3rd August 2010 Permalink

    My dear friends see the post in good scene 🙂 as way to increase commitment in love and not else something …..

  4. Lakshmi wrote
    at 8:35 PM - 3rd August 2010 Permalink

    Hey your friend has give Ph.D., title for u … haha

    and sakthi ..i think you will love your wife very much ..she would be very lucky 🙂

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