“Don’t wish to born again”

We always wish for which we are not deserved for. This is major cause that why human life has became a mess .We lead life only as illusion and it is believed that these illusions only mould human as a seasoned person. On the other hand the same illusion only allows human to fall on a dark pit without their knowledge.
Best example for illusion is God, as no one has seen him but still he believed to be exceptional. Buddha say that what we call ego, self, soul, personality, etc., are merely conventional terms that do not refer to any real, independent entity.More or less Buddha also says that its all illusion .So is our life is meaningful or it is also illusion. If it is illusion then why we are born in this illusion world?
Yes our life is quite contradicted and confusing illusion .Still as I said God can be illusion, are we equivalent to God. No analysis, No research can give you the answer unless you understand what you are.

In this world love, care, affair, affection, friendship and etc is only for self satisfaction and it is not exist spontaneous from one. Ordinary person will say all these things only make human life as meaning full but as practically we have to think that it’s all due to hormone.

Life is real. What life you are leading is not real. People forget to think about their present life and starts thinking about ‘Life after Death’ which is again a fanciful illusion. I am really wonder how people blindly believe in these things when present life is itself an illusion. We believe that we will go to hell or heaven after death. I can prove this ‘life after death’ is a fanciful by considering some assumptions. Our century people in a foresight on human life.They might start spreading fanciful things about hell and heaven. They might said people who help other when there are in need, will be treated well in heave after death if not they will send to hell, a holocaust. As results it may lead to mutual understand, peace and happiness would blossom in life. They don’t want people to lose their decorum of life .They might use these fanciful things as categorical so that human life will be disciplined. As I said before some times illusions only mould human as a seasoned person, it is proven by this assumption.

On the other hand I said same illusion takes human to a dark pit. Let us follow the same assumption, century people might kept those fanciful things as collusion. Once this collusion was known and understood by strangers. They start delusions about hell and heaven and trying to give new kind of illusion on ‘Life after Death’.

Bharathiyar,the Tamil poet says “Gayama Ithu Poi aada, Varum katruadaitha Paiyada” Some were related to illusion of life, he says our body (life what we living) is not real its only a bag filled with air. I compare body with ‘life what we are living’ according to great Tamil scholar Bharathiyar’s quote again life that we are living is not real and its only a bag filled with air (nothing is inside the bag) .As assumption i can say Bharathiyar also coming to concept of ‘illusion of life’ but not in clear manner as these things were kept as collusion.

Just we have to understand that Life is real. What life you are leading is not real. Our life will become real only when we don’t wish to born again in this illusion world .If this though comes to a person it ultimately shows that he is beyond his wishes. In beginning I said ‘We always wish for which we are not deserved for’. Now again it makes us to think that are we deserved for this wish.


  1. Rajesh wrote
    at 7:58 PM - 27th July 2008 Permalink

    Life is full of illusion is really mind blowing…
    Very good assumption to prove Hell and heaven are fanciful things. you said god is also illusion and raised a question are we equivalent to god….this made to think a while…..according to u wishes are main cause for any kind chaos in life but same wish only takes man to achieve any think what you would say for this ?

  2. Lakshmi wrote
    at 8:15 PM - 27th July 2008 Permalink

    Don’t wish to born again …a touching caption da
    We only cling to ourselves and hope to find something immortal. It was very clear in ur explanation .But I am not able to believe love, care, affair, affection, friendship and ect are only for self satisfaction….you helped me in many times is those things comes spontaneously from u , I believe not all thinks are due to hormones…..their is some thing beyond illusion which is real also.

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