Diplomatic criteria of technology

Prologue :-

In this blog I have walked on various aspects of Nature and Technology & science exploration which will make you to understand how science and technology influenced in human life. On completion of this blog one can determinedly say which should be explode and how it should explored to befit the life on earth.

Big Bang theory say, all matter and energies were initially densely found to be in a particular spot. Later an explosion happened which caused the Universe to be expand. One of the pieces from the explosion is our earth and this earth was totally different from the earth which you are seeing today. That time there were no oxygen, water, and other gases which support life. Due to a change in chemicals with a supportable climate life begin in earth. Natures explode to bid the life.

Today the world of science and technology will make you to lick the sky; the hunger and inspiration of scientist on technologies have achieved a lot to wave the reality. Incredulous scientists of ISRO turn the world to their side by the astonished performance of Chandranyan 1. Researchers believe that there is no end to the science and technology every discovery is the starting point to other.

A Milestone in medicines, discovery of stem cells helps in testing the new drugs and used for generating the cells and tissues which could be used in cell based therapies.Science explore to initiate the life.

No Matter about the distance I will help you to hook up, thanks to satellites and towers. You relax I do every think for, thanks computers and hard wares .Who can entertain you than me, thank to video games and IPods. I hold the world, thanks to mobile phones. Wow I am really amazed what a technology and what a science, hats off. Technology explodes to elation the life.

Let me walk through on the other aspect of Science & Technology to understand it better.

We could see the natural smile when a child plays with his pets, now I only see macabre thoughts and frustration when they play the video games. A counselor asked a child “what is your ambition” Child replied that “I have to finish 999999999th stage in my game” .Psychoanalyst say these games disturb their subconscious mind, even when they sleep these imprints will still run on their mind so they won’t be able to think anything beyond the games .

Thousands and thousands of scientist and cores and cores of capital have been invested to design Massive weapons. Programmers work hard to hake the secure data and networks. Framing lands turned into Industries and natural manure and provisions turned into artificial tin stuffs. Encouraging artificial embryo twinning of cloning which is averse to the natural embryo twinning. Right from satellite to table light; it was never used for the desired purpose of creation. Human were addicted to these gadgets .Futuristic expects says future generations will be different in skeleton structure if the use of the cells phones are continued to be same. So in present situation all discoveries lead to halos tic and inventions lead to lethargic. Now it makes us to think, is technology exploring to desolation the life?

It is a diplomatic criteria to understand, is technology really help us or disturb us. Whatever it may be you have to decide which should explode either Nature or Technology to benefit human.

Nature explodes also some time lead desolation to life but it is cause due to scientific and technological exploration only. And I believe there should be balance in both Nature explores and Technology, and scientific explores should be favorable to Nature explore so as to enhance the life in earth.

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  1. Lakshmi wrote
    at 4:39 PM - 28th March 2009 Permalink

    To understand this blog one must have complete knowledge in technology & nature …I am complete zero in both the things da…..Anyhow what I know is “technology is subset of Nature “so it is right that is a diplomatic thing to understand and which should be explode & how it should he explore ….nice keep blogging …

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