A Walking stick

Walking stick, a great supporter and everlasting accompanier for all 80s and 90s. It is generally believed that a walking stick is just a wooden or metallic piece that helps to balance while walking. But the conceptual fact is that in each span of life , human need different kinds of walking stick to balance their needs. Which means a walking stick need not to be a wood piece always it could also be a living hearts on time.There was a boy whom I known and who stepped to an university to pursue his graduation course. He had just given rest to his walking stick (parents) and ready to stand on his own legs. He reduced getting pocket money from them and began to make decisions on his own. Even after months, university life reminded to be a fascinating world for him. His expectations where unfilled and he was always in search of all resources where he can improve his knowledge and values.

A year has been passed, and his class room was shifted to another building. He started to think that he was missing some think that others where not exactly missing. Soon he realized what he was missing was nothing but a walking stick. A good ambitious heart always requires a caring shoulder (walking stick) to balance their issues. He believed a particular girl (walking stick) would be inspiration for his all aspirations; he had a hidden love toward the girl but never expressed his heart to her.
Two years have been passed, he was befuddled weather to commit with a girl or not. His mind was keep prompting about his personal problem which he had from his childhood. He was scared (perhaps not interested) to discuss any of those things to her and finally decided to stay way from the girl believing that she would get a perfect normal man in her life. His unexpressed love become a stress and it doesn’t allowed him to concentrated either on his interests or in academics. He is deserved for all those causes as a point of choice he made in his life.
Three years have been passed, there was some gossipy going around his friends later he come to know that the girl have been proposed by a guy and she had accepted him. There was small smile on his face but not from the bottom of the heart. His unexpressed love shattered in air, he was only reason for his cause; he neither made an attempt to approach the girl nor discussed his personal problems with her , now she is no-more for him. He was broken mentally but pretended to be strong.
Forth year was on the road , now his focus were not on his interests or academic but only on how he is going to cross this road soon. Every day seems to be too long for him and he kept avoiding all thinks that would bring the girl in his mind. He has nothing to do with the guy who proposed the girl but still he behind to avoid seeing him too. He was depressed and seeking for a light of hope (walking stick) which would bail him from those tough situations and make his life easy and peace.
When asked about his future on the final day of graduation, he prompted “Her foot prints may disappear but not her memories … what ever it is life has to be go on…” He smiled from his bottom of the heart and waved his hand to his graduation life. He never got the caring shoulder or the light of hope that he was actually looking for but still he seem to be man who crossed the big h(w)ell of life and got ready for the next spell of life.


  1. Mr Green wrote
    at 9:00 PM - 19th July 2011 Permalink

    awesome da! you're too good in programming as well as in expressing your self. I'm touched. And i know who that guy is. 😉

  2. Shashank wrote
    at 10:04 PM - 19th July 2011 Permalink

    seems so familiar!!! OH

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