A day in my life

My ordinary day behinds with alarm at 5.30 A.M, cool breeze and dusty night will make me to snooze and close my eyes for a while. It will be 6.00 AM when I force myself to get from bed and rush to get prepared for the office.

Sometimes my father prefers to drive me to the nearby bus stand. He has an old dented bike which will stop abruptly when there is an emergency. It takes 15 minutes to reach the local bus; where the entire 15 minutes will completely go in silence. Myself and my father don’t talk much with each other (we have poor chemistry). Some time he sticks for conversation and I resist him by yes-no answers. “I am not an indiscipline son perhaps morally broken in relations”.

Life is river, just go with the flow
7.00 AM, I would be inside T51 bus. Bus and trains are the most common places where you can meet different personalities at very minimal cost. Yes really different personalities, there would be definitely a guy who plays loud music on his Korean phone; there would be lady with transparent dress who says excuse-me to you to move. With all above to this there will be conductor who is ready to scold you when you don’t have proper change to give him. Ignoring all these personalities, some time I will get chance to sit on window side seat.
Since it’s a morning journey I would be able to see little children holding their hands with parents on the road side and waiting for their school bus to come. Whatever you say, there is nothing in this world like holding the hands of adorable one and cherish the feeling of belongings.
Around 8.40 AM I would have reached Tidel park where my company System technology groups is located. As soon as I reached the company I am given with advice to take my morning food that was prepared by mother. Shankar and Sandya will mostly accompany me during the breakfast. Sometime vasatha aunty joins with us for morning mela, her joikes and sandya’s gossips are irreplaceable combination for the morning tiffin.
9.00 AM I would have settled and started my regular work. My friends and colleges would be joining with me. Regular works and tasks will make the clock run fast.  On times I would hear giggling and whispering noise that is made by lassies; I don’t greet or smile or invited myself for a talk with them (this time this not because of poor chemistry). I purposefully stay away as I believe this avoidance and silence are the only way that will help me to protect my self-respect.
Around 1.00 PM I would move out to have my lunch that I have brought from home. Even though there is pantry attached with my work place I prefer going to common dining hall at the 1nd floor of Tidel Park. Within 20 minutes I would have finished my lunch and got back to my seat.
Since it is an afternoon, there be would slow in progress with little gossipy. Noon time tea will be coming to make me brisk; along with tea times I would be laughing in mind for all those thinks that is happing between my colleagues. Certainly this time it is not because of the giggling noise but because the tapping keyboardsounds to symbolize I am working hard.
The most consistent expectation I notice about what people want in friendships/Love/collegiality is: nod your head for all those things that come out from them. They see me as a person who finds mistakes and who dominates. But poor colleague never took a time to see that I too have a heart and I only take responsibility as no one came forward to take it up.
Silence is one of the value that I learned from my grandfather till was live he continued saying that ‘everything will be fine tomorrow’. Believing in those words, I leave office around 6.10 PM and set my journey toward my home. Again same type personalities and same type of conductor but little children will be missing. Around 7.30 PM I would have reached Tambaram where I have to hunt for local bus to reach my home. After refreshing and finishing my dinner, I would switch my laptop to check and continue with things of my interest. It would be around 10.00 PM to close eyes and retire on bed which would last for another few hours till my next ordinary day to begin….


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