JavaScript tutorial -1 Introduction

Java script tutorial
As a part of progressive learning my plan is to post few tutorials in simple and uncluttered manner that would help me and you to learn the world’s most misunderstood language, JavaScript in much easier way.  I have decided to post the tutorial in several chunks with good example and code snippet which would really give a progressive learning feel . This Java script tutorial is intended for a beginner and not for intermediate or expert level developers.


Java script tutorial

Experts in JavaScript say that JavaScript is build on with some really very good ideas and with few bad ones. What they recommend is to learn the good parts of JavaScript and become a master piece in it.

So here are the few good parts of (or important concepts in) JavaScript .

Object creation
Properties of objects
Object literals
Functions as methods
Anonymous functions

Before dying deep into the good parts let’s take a quick look on the basic knowledge in JavaScript.

Types in JavaScript

There is no separate integer or float type in JavaScript, all are just called Numbers.  Apart from Numbers, String, Boolean, null, and undefined all others values in JavaScript is said to be Object. Even though numbers and String have some build methods they are not Objects.

Reason why there are not called Objects.
Numbers, String, Boolean, null, undefined are immutable. i.e for every assignments they are newly created again and again.

To continue the progressive learning: JavaScript tutorial -2 Object creation

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