Monthly Archives for June 2011

QR Code

Image can be used for message transactions. For the past couple of day I was experimenting QR code (off course out of curiosity), I accidentally came to know this term while wasting time on net. On further investigation I found it is interesting and worth to try. QR code (Quick Response code) may be new […]

Pagination with mongoDB

I was trying some thing myself and in the middle of the work I was in need to design pagination (by definition , showing the page content one after other possibly by some sorted order) Here I document my Pagination technique that doesn’t to use Limits, Skips, and Sorts query mechanism. In my case I had a text […]

Speech Recognizer Execution

Hmm …. There was lot of request to correct errors and exceptions from people who have tried Speech Recogniser that I have discussed early in one of my post.  Many have tried and frustrated by the exceptions and errors that is coming from the speech engine. Few have got trouble in executing & configuring and […]