Monthly Archives for August 2010

Single Value Decomposition

Objective: Is to decompress the image  using SVD (SINGLE VALUE DECOMPOSITION) and study the observation. Assumption: Single value decomposition: decompose the bigger matrix into smaller. Image of size M x N (M cross N) can be consider as bigger matrix and using SVD we can decompose that into further smaller matrix hence decomposing of image […]

HMM for Address Validation

Objective: 1. To build a HMM system to validate address. 2. Find optimal state sequence for the given observation. Tool used: To accomplish the mentioned objectives I stated to search for HMM implementation tools in internet. To my excite I found many tools popping on my screen but unfortunately none of them worked for me. […]

Probability Problem

Prologue Hi I was recently given few assignments by my master  திரு. சுதர்சன் சாந்தியப்பன் (visiting professor of SRM University), on completion of assignments he advised us to publish our works on internet. And here by I do the same with my solutions. Assignment – 4 Probability Problem Objective: Is to find the probability of day […]