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How to strengthen your love relation

If you don’t see, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist: love -shakthydoss   In this fantasy world it’s very common to fall in love and it’s very common to get misunderstanding with your loved one too. Over expectation is one of the major cause that lead to breakups in relations but the conflict is […]


Prologue I assume that reader are familiar with smart card basic and its terms (if not take a look:Ciao to Smart card).In this blog I have briefed about smart card communion protocol, a vital player in smart card application. Application Protocol Data Unit (in short APDU) facilitates Smart card communions under ISO7816 compliant. In general scenario […]

Commence of Smart card Projects

In this blog I would like to share my experience with other developers to show the procedural systematic steps to begin and complete any Smart card projects.To avoid hindrance of too long technical documents I brought the concepts in short & Precise and I assume developers adopt java technology for their smart card projects. Any […]